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Journal: post it here first

Journal: post it here first

You will see it first because you are a Woolcake member. I love working in one tone. I have added a tiny bit of grey because I needed it to determine the creams. I needed to distinguish the creams. 

I like the layered effect. This would be what I call a freestyle rug. I drew it freely and easily. It was a quick sketch. I relied on some shapes that I used before. The mussel shell shape, the wilted tulip, and the fern. 

Though this fern is my most beautiful yet. 

The shapes do not really mean to be anything exactly. They are just meant to be form. One form layered over another.

I found a palette that works for it. I pulled together every cream and light beige and light grey that I have and piled them on my palette cart. I did not colour plan, I worked responsively. I just let one colour lead to another. 

I still need to clip and press it. Here you see it just as I took it off the frame.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick