Journal: Learn from the masters.

Journal: Learn from the masters.

In one of the most famous paintings of all time the paint is running.

”0h my.”

”How careless.”

”What a mess.”

Should Henri Matisse have stopped what he was

doing and cleared up that little drip.

Would we have loved it any more?

Look at the hands where they are joined...

is that really a hand? 

Well of course it is. It is an utterly beautiful one

but not a perfect one. 

Would you love this painting more of the

the hand were perfect? 

That iconic painting. 

That perfect symbol of love, spirit, community. 

The real question I think is would we have ever

loved it so at all?

Learn from the masters. 

There is so

much to learn from the masters.

When you hook, hook with spirit.

Hook with force.

Hook with energy.

Hook with joy.

Get engaged with your work. 

Imagine the piece finished. 

Imagine the piece loved.



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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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