Journal: I write because I must.

Journal: I write because I must.

I am writing a new book and every time I read it I worry that what is written is not worth reading.

I just want you to know that. That as an artist you will always have insecurities no matter how long you have been at it. 

The other thing that I have is faith. Though the nature of faith is to question, I mostly remain steadfast that it is not for me to determine if something is worth reading. It is for me to write. So I write and I hope, and I revise, and I pray that in those twenty thousand words there will be some things that speak to some people.

 it will always be important to write if you wAntt to teach and I do. I love the idea that in learning this craft people change and grow and gain new freedom in their creativity. How can you want to keep that to yourself. It would be like eating a whole pie by yourself. Too much goodness would just overwhelm you.

And so I write and hope.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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