Journal: Getting ready for Impressionism

Journal: Getting ready for Impressionism

I think that one of the reasons I do not know what to hook next is because my mind is crowded with flowers. As I am heartily in the middle of getting the online course to roll it is hard to focus on much else. Perhaps I just need to hook wild flowers . Just go with what is in the forefront of your mind. 

At the studio downtown I have a nine piece painterly landscape on the go. It is very big. I have not been working on it steadily but it is my primary piece right now. 

The online course is what fills the studio with activity these winter months. There is so much dying to do to get the kits ready. It is a massive job.

so though the videos are all done, there is still s great deal of work to be done to ship all these, and handcdraw all the patterns. Thank goodness for all the great women who work with me. 

So now, what goes on the frame? Well it takes time to decide. What will happen is I will have a sudden burst of energy and I will decide quickly and draw it on, and then all this ruminating will seem shallow and silly. That is just how I work. I think a lot then I stop thinking and get on with it. You heard it here!

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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