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Journal: almost done

Journal: almost done

The rug is off the frame. It is almost finished. I am happy with it but am almost sure I can do better so I put another 24 by 24 inch landscape on. I did it with out any deliberation about what to do next. It was clear that to understand this style of landscape I needed to work more and harder at it. 

Then I went downtown and picked up more yarns in the palette I needed because I had very little at the home studio. Sometimes you just cannot work without the certain colours you need. I got some teal greens as that seems to be the central colour in that palette and things work out from there.

I feel satisfied. But not certain. I did a good job on the rug but now I have to master the palette so every choice I make is not thought out so much. If I want it to become a natural palette for me to work with than I need to use it a lot and own it. 

In this case both the design and the palette are not what I am used to. They are both new to me influenced by painters work. So I am getting used to two new things at once and enjoying the challenge. The good thing a out keeping this journal is that I am learning about my own process here as well. 

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick