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It's Here. Create Beauty Everyday Jewelry

It's Here. Create Beauty Everyday Jewelry
I like to think I never miss a berry. What ever is in season I make sure that it lands on my table. Last night I had the first fresh raspberries of the year.
So far I am counting that I bought about two flats of strawberries. We have eaten them every day for weeks. being in season is kind of like being in the moment. It is about being in a time and place. A sense of knowing where you are. A way of finding joy in the tiniest of things.
For that is what I need to do.
I want to show up for the berries. They show up so faithfully year after year.
The simple of things are too important not to notice.
It is a short letter this week. I am in the moment hooking two big rugs . But know I am thinking of you.
I am enjoying your visits to the studio. Yay! It is so good to see you coming in the door. Thank you!
Thank you for reading. Enjoy your week.
Get some fresh berries.
PS. I hope you like our new line of pewter Create Beauty Everyday Jewelry made locally here in Nova Scotia by Basic Spirit.

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  • Angela Davis