How to Hook a Tree, Thursday live: Episode 161

How to Hook a Tree, Thursday live: Episode 161
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Janet Baccardax
    Janet Baccardax

    I notice you’re using more wools. Do you not use wool material as much anymore ??

  • K Leite
    K Leite

    Absolutely beautiful new patterns. ,You’re speaking to me with the ‘floor size’ !

  • Yvette

    Your designs are so beautiful… thank you for the inspiration! And those ginger cookies… I wanted to grab one from the screen – they look so good… could you share the recipe please? Thank you to your wonderful video and sharing all your knowledge and especially the side stories (I can’t cook a roast either… oven or slow cooker) it’s like we’re there with you! Sending you all a wave of love!

  • Monica Dorion
    Monica Dorion

    Where do we find the ginger cookie recipe??

  • Christine Schutz
    Christine Schutz

    Loved watching you give life to those long and large patterns. No hesitations. No getting bogged down with self criticism. A good life lesson. Thank you!

  • Ronalee Syme
    Ronalee Syme

    What is the price of the patterns you just drew, particularly the second and third ones? TY

  • Elen Silver
    Elen Silver

    What are the sizes of these amazing canvases that Deanne just drew

  • Pam Haughn
    Pam Haughn

    Totally amazed watching you draw the new rugs! I get so nervous even tracing a pattern…can’t imagine just drawing with a marker!

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Thank you for another inspiring Thursday morning!

  • Lynn

    roast into crock pot, about three inches of water, s&p, Mrs. Dash, Bisto. Try that! xx

  • Lynn

    Angela, did you put water in with it??

  • Lynn

    Good Morning! from Eastend, Saskatchewan, where the nights are cooling, the trees are so inspirational with multi-colours, and the prairie grass and wee flowers are beginning to tuck in for the cold weather ahead. It’s a beautiful time of year. Have a great day!

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