Hanging Mystery Art Rugs, Thursday live: Episode 166

Hanging Mystery Art Rugs, Thursday live: Episode 166
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Jen Dunbar
    Jen Dunbar

    I love moving my art around. I usually sit in one of 2 places and after a while I want to look at something different. Or something new comes into the house and i find that to make it look at home i need to move 5 other things. I really enjoy making changes, but I haven’t thought of a better furniture arrangement

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    All the time,usually seasonal.Love displaying my rugs.

  • Deanne

    Yay, thanks for watching here. I love that you move your artwork around.

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    I rotate my hooked rugs depending on the subject..“Moon over cabin”. I use exterior doors as my exhibit space, using magnets to hang my work…the front of my refrigerator is a wonderful space to hang wide narrow rugs *-)

  • Karen Croxall
    Karen Croxall

    Yes, I change things around. Love Christmas decor, other seasons just a few things. Love fresh flowers.

  • Kathy Worthington
    Kathy Worthington

    Good morning!

  • Christine Schutz
    Christine Schutz

    Good morning from Washington State, US

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia, Kentucky!

  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Bonjour de Venise en Québec !

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