Free Rug Hooking Lesson: How to outline for hooked rugs & hooking landscape rugs.

Free Rug Hooking Lesson: How to outline for hooked rugs & hooking landscape rugs.

How to Outline in Rug Hooking and Hooking Landscape Rugs: A Free Lesson

Well today we did a free facebook live video and I taught everyone about how I hook the rocks, the sea, the sails of the boat, the little houses, and the back hills. I answered as many questions as I could. We had about 680 people watching from all over the world. It was really fun.

My husband, Robert was the camera man and he did lots of close ups including showing you how my hand works underneath the frame when I am rug hooking. 









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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
Comments 11
  • Suzanne

    enjoyed this so much and now I feel brave enough to get out my little kit and give it a go. Thankyou, thank you, Suzanne

  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    Sandra, I just hook that way!

  • Hilda Khuri
    Hilda Khuri

    Interesting video

  • HIlda  KHuri
    HIlda KHuri

    That is nice video

  • Barb Meerett
    Barb Meerett

    Thanks so much this was so interesting I didn’t really understand about the looseness or not over crowding your out lineing great help . Stay safe so far so good on vancouver island

  • Jean Zehr
    Jean Zehr

    I really enjoyed and appreciated this lesson yesterday! And Robert did a great job with the camera and fielding questions. Thank you!

  • Pat

    Thankyou, thank you…

  • Threads

    Your two live online classes were wonderful! Thank you for extending this lifeline to all during these troubling and uncertain times . Wishing you and yours good health.

  • Threads

    Your recent free virtual classes and videos of these are much appreciated and enjoyed! Thanks for offering this lifeline during these troubling and uncertain times.

  • Sandra Toton
    Sandra Toton

    Is your ability to hook so fast and so many directions because of using yarn, sexy jersey etc? I am pretty much wool. You have a good color sense. Maybe I can try more to do that. Thanks for the video.
    I am in Iowa watching. I have been to Nova Scotia twice but was just reading about rug Hooking. Very pretty rugged area.

  • Ingrid

    Wonderfully cozy at a time when people may be scared, bored, j sure. Loved it and great job by Robert. Lol.

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