Episode 96 Thursday Live: Go Big or Go Home!

Episode 96 Thursday Live: Go Big or Go Home!
  • Angela Davis
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  • Sarah

    Big, furry bumble bees in my garden!

  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    You get to DFS Social from our website under lives David.

    Happy day everyone. Thanks for watching!

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    I am inspired about the beautiful birds coming to the feeder.even had our crows come over and take food from my hand !

  • Marnie

    My mini purple irises in bloom.

  • Anne

    Thank you for another Thursday

  • betty jean
    betty jean

    Maybe Joe is a tiny miracle!!

  • Deborah Scott
    Deborah Scott

    Can we see rug from Deanne’s perspective

  • Debbie Russell
    Debbie Russell

    Any chance of putting together a sample collection of different colored velvets?

  • Deborah Scott
    Deborah Scott

    anything nature, have been collecting stones with 3 year old grandson. the miracle of seeing sparkle in the stones, or a precious one that has pink.

  • Karen Croxall
    Karen Croxall

    A sweet baby girl cooing as I preach on Sunday. Her name is Harley and she has big beautiful brown eyes.

  • David J. Kish
    David J. Kish

    Wild flowers that bloom every spring in the South West

  • Joyce

    Seeds sprouting

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith

    The long rods are a game changer if you are interested in hooking big. I love mine.

  • carol Weingartnr
    carol Weingartnr

    Why do I just see 1/3 of the screen?

  • David Kish
    David Kish

    How do you get to DFS Social?

  • betty-jean

    Hello from Long Island NY on a beautiful day – finally!!

  • Deborah Scott
    Deborah Scott

    hi from Bond Head Ontario , hope we get to hear about the May inspiration course

  • Danielle

    Hello ! Nice day from Venise en Quebec

  • Joyce Jose
    Joyce Jose

    Hello from Pennsylvania!

  • Lynn

    You are sideways and uspide down ;-)

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith

    I love big!

  • joe gauthier
    joe gauthier

    Coming up soon

  • Tim

    Hello from Pasadena, Newfoundland!

  • Lynn

    Happy Thursday, Everyone! It’s a good day here in Southeastern Alberta.

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