Episode 94 Thursday Live, What do you hook next?

Episode 94 Thursday Live, What do you hook next?
  • Angela Davis
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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    Hey everyone! Glad you came. Yes . Yay! we have half skeins now!

  • Stacy Sheehan-Wilson
    Stacy Sheehan-Wilson

    Hey! Don’t forget to celebrate your own small win today. Despite technical difficulties, you still had a lovely Live. Well played. Appreciate you so much!

  • Joan Roth
    Joan Roth

    It was also my Birthday too Lorna!! Birthday twins!

  • Joan

    Hi from rainy Fenelon Falls, Ont

  • Lin

    Popcorn with white chocolate chips. Yum, yum, yum

  • Paula

    Finishing a section of my rug

  • Debbie

    I LOVE that you are now offering some half skeins in the studio hand dyes!!!

  • Pamela Maxfield-Ontko
    Pamela Maxfield-Ontko

    Good afternoon from Ohio!

  • Audrey

    Greetings all, from Mississauga

  • Joyce Jose
    Joyce Jose

    Hello from Pennsylvania

  • joe gauthier
    joe gauthier

    welcome everyone

  • Sherrie Petersen
    Sherrie Petersen

    Hello from Kansas.

  • Debbie Harris
    Debbie Harris

    Hi from rainy Cobourg, Ontario

  • Marsh diMartino
    Marsh diMartino

    Hope everyone is having a lovely spring day

  • Tim Spicer
    Tim Spicer

    Hi from pasadena, Newfoundland!

  • Stacy Sheehan-Wilson
    Stacy Sheehan-Wilson

    Yay! Have my tea and am ready

  • Gail Mueller
    Gail Mueller

    Hi from rainy Orillia ,Ont

  • betty-jean Wrase
    betty-jean Wrase

    Hello from Long Island, NY

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