Episode 189: Greg's new overdyes and goldenrod

Episode 189: Greg's new overdyes and goldenrod
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Jen

    It’s such fun to be with you when there is so much joy, laughter and singing! Congratulations Deanne – im glad you wore your pin today.

  • Barbara kelly
    Barbara kelly

    Have a wonderful celebration!!!❤️

  • Marnie Dunbar
    Marnie Dunbar

    Good morning from B.C.! Congratulations, Deanne!
    I am celebrating flowering almond , apricot , and tenufolia peony buds today.
    Thank-you for the lives. I look forward to them and am inspired to keep on hooking!

  • Mary in Arizona
    Mary in Arizona

    Another enjoyable Thursday Live. Nothing better than laughter and hooking! And thank you for sharing your speech about advice, it was beautiful. Some advice for Miss Angela: Celebrate your milestone birthday Angela, it is the youngest you will ever be again!

  • Cathryn Kasper
    Cathryn Kasper

    Congratulations, Deanne , on an honor well deserved!! You truly do create beauty not just every day, but generously and widely! Thanks!!

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    Congratulations Deanne! Enjoy your day. The live was so much fun and I laughed so hard, I had tears!:)
    Thanks for the tunes from "Deanne’s Rug Hookers’ Choir!:)

  • Cathie

    Congratulations Deanne.. This was a wonderful live … you ladies have so much fun. Happy big ole birthday to Angela… The singing was epic.. ❤️

  • Florence Landry
    Florence Landry

    Congratulations Deanne. I watched your reception at town hall in Amherst and loved the advice that you shared. Your words are like your writing, warm and thoughtful.

  • Anne

    Congratulations Deanne! You deserve to be celebrated for all you give to us let alone your Order of Canada 👋 Enjoy your town acknowledgement & celebration ~ well deserved! 💐

    I always enjoy our weekly “visits” & look fwd to them! Great laughs today ~ so wonderful to hear & see good belly laughs! A true sign of happiness & we can never have too much.
    Keep on singing Angela! Singing too is happiness so bring it on! I understand your shyness re bday’s. I’m grateful for every bday but I’m rather shy & don’t like attention brought to myself. Happy Bday whenever it is 🌷
    Great idea Angela having us “sung out”! I’ll look fwd to a future “trio” rendition!

  • Jean McBrine
    Jean McBrine

    Congratulations Deanne. You are an inspiration and joy to watch.

  • Lillian Jen-Payzant
    Lillian Jen-Payzant

    40 wedding anniversary at the end of April. Trying to make it a month of celebrating because we have to wait until next year until we take our anniversary trip.

  • Janice LeBlanc
    Janice LeBlanc

    Surviving cancer and enjoying life. Congratulations, Deanne! If I was in Nova Scotia I’d be there celebrating with you!

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia, Kentucky

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