Episode 108, Thursday Live: Yarn Stories

Episode 108, Thursday Live: Yarn Stories
  • Angela Davis
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  • Lillian Krueger
    Lillian Krueger

    Hi. I’m late in listening to the Thursday show, but my favorite days in August when I am pickling and have the smell of mustard pickles in the whole house. I so enjoy your websites. Thank you. I’m from West Kelowna, BC.

  • Donna  Kahn
    Donna Kahn

    I love August , my oldest son was born in August and he will be married in Nova Scotia this year. August brings fresh corn and glorious dahlias…….Bring it on….

  • Peggy

    The beginning of the change of seasons…..transitioning from one to another.
    Sunsets in the evening – sitting on the porch, wrapped in a blanket….savoring the moment.
    The sound that crickets make…

  • Alexandra Pauley
    Alexandra Pauley

    I know it is past time, but I had to add my live for the smell of August. Sometimes it shows up early to the party or there is a flash of recognition somewhere else in the year, like my brain needs to remind me of the cool breezes and sunshine surrounded by gold and green and crisp blue skies. The smell, I think…is mown grass and ripening fruit, heated garden paths and the faintest beginnings of leaves that are wearing out. There is something comforting and exhilarating to it. I love August as I mark it as the start of the best season.

  • Gail Capnerhurst
    Gail Capnerhurst

    See you in Sept! Have a nice summer from Medicine Hat, Alberta.
    Because of the time difference I always seem to miss it Live !


    Aug. beautiful fires in the evening is crisp apples,blueberries,my Anniversary,my daughter’s birth,

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    Congrats,Jane !


    Hi from lovely Big bras d’Or,was hooking away and forgot thetime.Sorry I am late,hello everyone !

  • Claire Quinn
    Claire Quinn

    Hi from Mont Tremblant, Qc….

  • Anne

    You need to create a Deanne and her sister collection of yarns

  • Jane de Caen
    Jane de Caen
    I have been escaping the noise and craziness of the city by going into the river valley with my dog for years . It is taking time to listen to nature and appreciate the beauty of nature -which is essentially forest bathing ( nudity with the our mosquitos would be insane besides running into neighbours …)
  • Cheryl Fink
    Cheryl Fink

    Forest bathing in BC, is like a ‘new’ way of saying ’get out and hike!"…LOL!!

  • Sherrie

    Both my daughter and I have August anniversaries. My husband and I will be married 40 years this year.

  • Carol Weingartner
    Carol Weingartner

    My birthday!and my son’s birthday

  • Lynn

    Hi Everyone, from Southeastern Alberta! August is grain harvest and crickets haha!

  • Debbie HARRIS
    Debbie HARRIS

    Always took my vacation when I worked

  • Noelle Eslick
    Noelle Eslick

    Hi from Florida

  • Anne Burton
    Anne Burton

    Hi from a very stormy Kingston ON

  • David Kish
    David Kish

    Hello from the Artist Community of Carrizozo New Mexico USA

  • Anne

    Hello from Columbia, Kentucky

  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    Welcome everyone

  • Danielle

    Hello! from Venise en Quebec, Canada

  • Tim Spicer
    Tim Spicer

    Hello from Pasadena, NL

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