Deanne's Speech Upon Receiving an Honourary Doctorate from Mount Saint Vincent University

Deanne's Speech Upon Receiving an Honourary Doctorate from Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Angela Davis
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  • Denise Landmeyer
    Denise Landmeyer

    Deanne, you are right our moms would be so proud. What you bring to this world, and how humble you are…so glad you found your passion and followed it.

  • Lina Mullins
    Lina Mullins

    What a truly amazing, thoughtful and inspirational speech Deanne. You are truly a unique and special lady. I never met you, but have to say that you inspire me so much! Congratulations on your doctorate. What an amazing honour.

  • Roxanne Tarjan
    Roxanne Tarjan

    Dr. Deanne Fitzpatrick, Congratulations to you. Seems like such an inconsequential word at this moment. I’ve just finished listening and watching your address to the 2022 Saint Mary’s graduates upon your receipt of this honour. From your introduction to the end of your words I have had tears in my eyes. You are an amazing human; thank you to the individuals who brought forward your nomination and to the St. Mary’s Senate for their support of your nomination. I am struck with the weight of your recognition and everything it speaks to so many communities/individuals in society. Then your words to the graduates; so heartfelt and so wise, so HUMAN!! My heart is full and I am humbled to even had the opportunity to know of you and have met you. Your artistry and then all the other dimensions of your engagement with us all speak to your humanity and deep insights to being human. Thank you to the team for posting this and sharing it with our community. I will be sharing it with many.

  • Beth campbell
    Beth campbell

    Your address to the graduates was so …….. no words to describe it. I felt so included in it. I only heard your voice, nothing else around me. You lifted up every single person in that auditorium. We were all affected by your words. I am so glad that I am part of your world. Thank you so much Deanne and congratulations!

  • Dorothy Smith
    Dorothy Smith

    Congratulations! Please continue to be the special person you are!

  • Dara Gall
    Dara Gall

    I enjoyed your speech so much. What a warm, important and meaningful message for the graduates to take with them. Thanks for sharing this so that others can hear the message, too. I think everyone could benefit by taking your words to heart.

  • Joan Unrau
    Joan Unrau

    Congratulations on receiving this very prestigious award….well deserved indeed.
    Enjoyed your address to all of the graduates …

  • Nancy LaPaix
    Nancy LaPaix

    Congratulations Deanne Fitzpatrick! From my first little rug hooking kit, a visit to your Amherst studio, subsequent kits and workshops, I have called you my mentor. You are an inspiration. Well Done and Thank You!

  • judy Miller
    judy Miller

    Congratulations Deanne! You are so deserving.

  • Carol Weingartner
    Carol Weingartner

    Wonderful words. I am thinking of Robert Henri ,who I am sure you know, stressed our creativity and insisted we are all creative in multiple ways, not just the recognized “Arts.” Through the means of the internet, you have been able through your classes to bring this message to thousands of people. You certainly have enriched my life and many others. May I say a thanks to Robert for his support of you. It must have been absolutely essential to the many hours you spend on your hooking, writing, etc. He must be a great guy!
    Congratulations ,(and for just one time)Dr. Fitzpatrick

  • Suzanne Dudziak
    Suzanne Dudziak

    Deanne, this honour is so well deserved. Your words, as ever, were inspiring. Many heartfelt congratulations, Dr. Fitzpatrick. You honour all of us through your work and your achievements.

  • Margaret Zed
    Margaret Zed

    Congratulations. So well deserved, you are an amazing artist and teacher.

  • Jo Packham
    Jo Packham

    Congratulations …. my new friend! A wonderful honor for an inspiring and passionate lady.

  • Joyce Procure
    Joyce Procure

    Why am I feeling so proud? It isn’t my award, I have never met you Deanne; I have done nothing to contribute to your success in any way, yet I’m all teary eyed and strongly affected by the honours you have received here, and the reasons for them. Congratulations! And thank you. This was no small thing, bringing the eyes of the academic community to rest upon the rug hooking medium and finding it and you worthy of artistic status.

  • Dorinda Keith
    Dorinda Keith

    Just caught this today. So thoughtful, inspiring and SO Deanne..

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