Consider this

Consider this

Writing has made a big difference in my life. These letters to you have lead me to more self understanding. They make me stop and think and often it is in the writing of them that I learn what I really believe. 

I have written seven books. Writing a book is like capturing every thought and idea you have about a particular theme and bring them together in an organized way. One that makes sense to the reader. So I take notes. I use the notes app on my phone sometimes, but mostly I like a book. Somewhere I can scratch down anything that is coming up for me.

Sometimes if I don't write an idea down I completely lose it. I just have to wait to see if it comes up again.

One of the things I write are lists. A book outline starts out as a list of chapters. A course starts out as a list of videos and lessons. A week starts out as a list of things to do.

Lately though, I have come to think of all these lists as sketchy lists. They are not lists of what must be done. They are not strict "to do" lists. They are lists of ideas that have some possibility. Instead they are a "consider this" list.

It lets me take it out of my mind and on to the paper. And this frees up my mind. I have always found a note book and a sketchy list helpful when I feel overwhelmed. 

Everything that gets written on that list of mine does not get done. Sometimes I just mark it off after a week because I have decided it is not the right thing or the right time, even if had been popping into my head all the time.

A "Consider this" list  is just a reminder list so I am not committing to it just by writing it down. So I feel really free even to jot down anything at all. I have told you before how much I enjoy crossing off things once they are done. Well, I also enjoy crossing things off once they have been considered and not chosen. It is a list maker thing. We are like that.

So you might consider that when you are making your lists whether you feel overfull or you might not. And thats okay too. 

Thanks for reading.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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