City and Country

City and Country

On Friday night in October I went to the city. I sat in an outdoor cafe and watched the many people go by. It was dark there were string lights under a black and white awning. Basically everything I need for ambience. I ordered a plate of fried Brussel sprouts, had a drink with my love, and felt a little urban. Just for a few minutes on a Friday night. 

A long time ago I lived in the city so I feel comfortable there. I never get the country mouse feeling. I like to be in the heart of things for a short while. In fact I crave it. Some people need to go far away, or on a cruise, but me I am renewed after a few days in the city.

I have my routines here, the art store, the book store, the gallery. A visit to some small independent shops. I make my rounds, often the same ones, time after time. I buy small things, a new pencil sharpener, a cake of soap, or a linen dish cloth. Things that fit in my purse as I walk.

Sometimes I need this inspiration. It is my best artist date. I always am excited to get there.

Mostly I am content bringing in a few sticks of wood and lighting a fire, and roasting squash, the highlights of a rural weekend. This is generally enough for me but sometimes I just crave a sidewalk cafe, strong coffee with a crema, and a dense loaf of  bread from a french bakery. 

And once I have it. Well then I am ready to come home.

When I come to the city from the country it's an affair because I don't do it that often, and often I don't stay that long. A day or two usually does it. It fills my urban cravings. 

Then I am ready for crushed leaves on gravel paths and a pheasant in the yard. Last week on my walk, three deer crossed the road in front of me. Mostly I love this but sometimes I have to trade it in. Whatever it is you love, sometimes you need to change it up so you can feel the difference.

Right now I am thankful to be here in this rambling farmhouse on seven acres, something I couldn't have or could not afford in a city but I am glad that I am close enough to go in and savour the urban life for a night once in a while.

It is a getaway, and no matter how much you love what you have, a getaway is good for the soul.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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