Changing a colour in your rug, Thursday Live: Episode 150 Take two

Changing a colour in your rug, Thursday Live: Episode 150 Take two
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Deb

    I had bought a lovely dress that still had its tags on it.My neighbour is a mom of 4 and I got the idea the dress would look so lovely on her.She was delighted with the dress and it pleased me to see a lovely young woman happy with her new dress.

  • Debra Glover
    Debra Glover

    The pink looks great! I’m new at rug hooking and I’m on my fourth piece. I love your inspiration stories, and I love how fast you hook.

  • Corinne Sommerville
    Corinne Sommerville

    The fox pops now, looks lovely.

  • Laura Fitch
    Laura Fitch

    The little things were not so little…..the neighbor who saw me flying down the hill in front of her house while I was in my daily walk, scooped me into her car and brought me home then alerted the ER I was on the way….the kind hospital staff who cared for me …..the other neighbor’s delivery of chicken soup and brownies…. They all dismissed their little things as no big deal but meant so much.
    Now to heal the broken elbow and the broken ankle so I can hook again. Thank you for sharing with us every week and giving us pause for thought.

  • Rozan  Meacham
    Rozan Meacham

    I thought that the purple fox just blended with the background and the pink stands out. Love the change
    The nice thing did was take. My granddaughter to get her nail done. She was here from Seattle for the week.

  • Lori March
    Lori March

    Deanne did something nice for me today by showing me how she hooks on a lap frame! As a new hooker, I dove right in and purchased a lap frame (very similar to what you show here) thinking it would be easiest to learn on. I have been kicking myself thinking I should have invested in a cheticamp frame for the size piece I am hooking. But I see now how to position it on my lap or desk and it is fine. So thank you for that! The Press ‘n Seal idea is great also! I have tough days doing hospice work and I so look forward to these lives and inspiration sessions. You bring joy you don’t know you bring. I am grateful to Deanne and all her support staff!

  • Lisa Hofmann
    Lisa Hofmann

    The last great little surprise was my husband making me a big bowl of popcorn last night. Yum

  • Ruth

    I think the pink stands out better then the purple.

  • Debbie Russell
    Debbie Russell

    Love that pink! Is that the River Stream Be Mine?

  • Yvette Melanson
    Yvette Melanson

    Love the pink!

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