Breathe before you leave

Breathe before you leave

"You are not really one to hide in the corner yourself", he said when I told my husband he loved an audience.

And I thought  you are right.

If you got something you want to share, share it. 

Step into the light.

Show your talent, tell the story, and bask in a bit of fun.

Who will care in twenty years. 

You might as well show your rugs. 

You might as well tell others what they are about.

You are here right now. 

Listen to the rhythm.

Dance by the fire. 

You are here right now.

In this time.

In this place. 

A blessing.


"Breathe before you leave."

A young woman told me today.

A police woman.

Someone who sees it all

and knows the stories.

And I thought, that is good advice.

I want to remember this.

Breathe before you leave.

Take a deep breath

and take it with thanks.

And know the beauty

of this simple act. 

Prepare yourself

Rest in your own being. 

Feel your own strength.

Listen to the people around you

who have something good to say.

There is wisdom

in the young and in the old.

And the wise sometimes

don't know their words 

resound later 

in hearts and minds 

that go about their days.

Wisdom often finds a home.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Frances Ardizzi
    Frances Ardizzi

    Thank you for writing, you have such a gift. It seems like everything you write has a message for me at the moment I need it the most.

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