August Pattern of the Month

August Pattern of the Month

I'm late! I'm late! Please forgive me! We've been so busy in the studio making exciting changes to our layout, adding new yarn bases to dye, also our August workshop was last week (so that's my excuse this month).

I couldn't wait to hook this one. I am lucky enough to know what's coming up as we need to be prepared in advance...but don't ask me because I'm not going to tell you!! Having said that, this one was in my mind for a while. I knew it was going to be fun colors and I was just chomping at the bit to get started.

Many of you already know that I do most of the dying here at the studio with fabric and yarn. I have some favorite dyes especially one called tobacco; its a wonderful rust with an acidy green base. This is what I used for the outer border. You can see that just the one colour had enough interest in it to not look like a solid color. The inner background color is delphinium blue. I thought I had better go with something soft to contrast all the brightness I have here.

The fish are not your typical fish colors; Deanne's designs are so funky that I figure these little babies were just screaming to be unique. Each one has a little bit of something sparkly in it, not much - just enough to give them a little shine. In the pink and orange fish, I used a bit of this stunning hand spun wool in crimson...just look at this candy:



We can sell you a five dollar bundle if you like or the whole skein for $49.95.

The only problem I had with this pattern was how to hook the eyes, I'm not one for pulling out my work but admittedly I did that here. Finally I decided on a patterned swatch that seemed to work nicely in the end, the following picture shows you the tobacco fabric on the left and the gold pattern on the right I used in the fish eyes.

In the end I was happy and I could easily hook this pattern again, it was just SO much fun.

If you like any of the products here and want to purchase some, please call us. We can kit up the whole project for you or sell you just the little bits you want or need.

Happy hooking!



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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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