As if life itself were art

As if life itself were art

Oh the week behind me was a full and beautiful one.

I have of course been working on making 8 by 8 rugs for The Mystery Art Project. I am making more than twelve and then picking out the very best of them. Steve Smith was here from Vision Fire to do a photo shoot for Saltscapes Magazine. He was talking about how he loved to shoot photography in squares, and we had a great conversation about composition in squares.

When I am walking in the morning I start seeing little squares everywhere.mLittle squares of trees, of river, of seedpods of flowers. I am thinking in eight by eight.

My friend Joanne and I walked on the marsh on Monday and there was so much beauty everywhere. It was warm but the landscape had a burnished brush of colour over it. The red berries were bursting off the trees. The windmills were still and the Bay of Fundy was like silk.

I love how my work as an artist here at the studio keeps changing. How somethings finish and new things begin. There is a preciousness to the flow of work and life that I am ever grateful for. I love the feeling of immersion that I get from throwing myself deeply into a project with love. How that project prevails. 

I love how when you throw yourself into something you begin to see it everywhere. You deepen and you learn because you are focused and giving it your all. You get better at it because you are full on at it.

Focus, such a beautiful thing. So I am preparing and planning and dreaming and loving being lost in a project of squares. Of filling those squares with beauty and colour and story and of course with mystery.

I am lost in the mystery of art. For it is a mystery how ideas come and go and flow. How we emerge from one thing, ready for another. It is, I like to think, spirit moving in me. Robert Henri, a great art teacher once said, "The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state that makes art inevitable." To be moving freely through out your life as if life itself was art. This is a beautiful idea and I am glad you are there to share it with. Thank you for reading.


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