An Old Time Saturday.

An Old Time Saturday.

Last weekend Mary and I took the day and went to some craft shows and out to lunch. There was an air of relief in both places. One that said, "We are here again." Though there was a sign on the door to wear your mask, no one minded. We were just glad that we could see people sit at their booths in front of their work. Bearing their heart and a bit of their soul as us wayward Saturday seekers milled in and out.

We were happy to have the opportunity to find that beautiful thing made by a creative mind. It was so beautiful to roam again. 

For lunch we found a beautiful cafe. Mary was served a sandwich as big as her head. She only ate half and packed the other side up for home. I had soup and a biscuit and we had a cuppa. I took home a tiny coconut cream pie for after super. 

Then we went to a flower shop and felt the green around us. There is something about being amidst all that tender nurturing that restores me. I bought a plant that I will make a valiant effort with until spring when I will put it outside.

It was a day spent. A beautiful day, taking in the creativity of others. I was enamoured with a person who was typesetting quotes and making prints of them. Turning the written word into art by means of an ages old press. I bought some of course, and each day this week I read those quotes and remembered what it is I think I must remember. For often, a quote is just a reminder of who we want ourselves to be. A nudge in the right direction.

I came home and rested and then drove to town to the Santa Claus Parade. And it was lit with joy. The sidewalks of our small town were lined with parents holding the mittened hands of small children. Floats were passing out candy canes. Mansours was giving away hot chocolate and Fudgeos. So simple but just enough and it has been much the same for generations.

An old fashioned Saturday. Seeking out what there is to see in my own little community and taking in what is on offer. No saying there is nothing going on. Just accepting what is going on and engaging with it. It made me feel really good.

Seeing younger creatives stand in front of their wares. Watching children believe in the magic. Seeing Santa wave on that very last float. Well that was magical for me too.


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Beatrice Grant
    Beatrice Grant

    Loved this week’s letter! Our little Main Street Christmas goes next Saturday, in the evening many farmers from the “Marsh” where most of our onions, celery, lettuce beets, carrots garlic come from deck out their machines in lights garlands to the teeth plus music and parade down our only Main Street.The roads are blocked at the highway so you must get in early. Chestnuts roast in barrels, the Lions serve pea meal bacon on a bun the shops stay open (some serve the hard stuff under the the counter).I know you would feel comfortable there. So I am happy you have a similar town experience. Makes me happy we share experiences like this Deanne, Canada is made up of small towns from ocean to ocean.People like you & your great staff (family) keep the lines of communication open &friendly to ALL 💕 I thank you, Bea Grant ,Schomberg, Ont

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