A little bit of kindness.

A little bit of kindness.
Good Morning
Over the last year when people reached out to me or sent a card I so appreciated it. I really took note of the fact they were thinking of me. I always appreciated a note or a card. This last year the reaching out became so much more important to me.
These three rugs you see here I made for a woman to send to her friends. She wanted them to know they were on her mind. So often I think of doing something nice for someone. I think, I 'll write a note, or call, or bring them cookies or a meal, and that is as far as it gets. It is almost like I feel thinking of it was enough you know. Like I'm nice just cause I thought of it. Goodness, am I telling you too much about my weaknesses?
Maybe one or two of you have done that too. Thought of how you could be kind and then never followed through. Honestly I do it a too often. I think of someone who needs a pan of date squares ( Yes, sometimes you do need a pan of date squares.) but I never get around to it. I think of dropping off or mailing a little present and then forget to do it until it seems too late or awkward. Thinking of doing it is not the same as doing it.
Mind you, I sometimes remember, just not as often as I could.
It's so easy to be kind. That's what I forget sometimes. It's just so easy.
A phone call. A loaf of bread from a bakery dropped off at the door. A letter.
Oh my goodness, imagine a letter. One that comes in the mail with a stamp.
There is so much pleasure in these little things. As Ruth Gendler, the poet writes, "Pleasure is wild and sweet. She likes purple flowers. She loves the sun and the wind and the night sky."
It is this thing we forget to take.
It is this thing we forget to give.
"It is my pleasure.", we say when someone thanks us for small things because it is our pleasure. It is a pleasure to give, to be kind, to share.
Whenever I asked my father for a bit of money to go to the store, after I said thank you, he would always say, "I am just glad I have it to give to you." and he meant it, having grown up fishing on a barter system in Newfoundland. He knew that to have something that you were able to give away was not to be taken for granted, it was in itself, a blessing. It was a pleasure.
So this is on my mind today as I write to you. In the coming weeks, I have something I want to share with you. I hope you will find it a pleasure.
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Thank you for reading,
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