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A Lesson on Templates

A Lesson on Templates

A template is a cut out or stencil that is used to trace a design onto a burlap or linen backing. A template can be made of hard cardboard, paper or plastic, really it's all up to you. They're used to produce your own design on your backing and gives you the freedom to create without feeling like you need to be able to draw or draw well. Templates are very useful when it comes to symmetrical designs or drawings that incorporate the same pattern multiple times. 

In older times women used to save their brown paper bags from buying fresh produce and copy designs off of china or really whatever their hearts desired, so the pattern could be used again. 

You can also enlarge a design on a photocopier, cut them out and use them for a bigger sized rug. 

Lay your templates onto your backing to configure your design before tracing them, you can also practice on paper so you can get a better idea of what your pattern will end up looking like. Make sure to use permanent marker when tracing your templates. If you don't end up liking the way your pattern looks you can always flip your burlap or linen over and use the blank side!! 

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  • emily dunne