a day to breathe

a day to breathe

Weary bones and sheer exhaustion. It feels good when it comes after giving something everything you got. That is how I feel today. I was lost in good powerful work for days and I loved it. It made me jump out of bed and go for it. 

Now is time for restoration. That is what follows work.

We must work hard. We must give things everything we got. Then we must renew.

I just moved my chair so that I can stare at the apple tree in full blossom when I look up from the keyboard. Time to appreciate beauty, fleeting beauty. If you don't stop and breathe it in you will miss it.

Today I slept in til almost nine and made dinner reservations with my sister and our husbands. That will fill my cup. I texted with Terry who is on a mini vacation and we laughed cause she is bad and funny and I love that. She works with me but we have been friends for over thirty years. We used to walk when I was pregnant with my son who is a great big man now. I would knock on her door on dark fall evenings and she would sneak out and escape her four kids and we would tell stories to each other and the wind. We are co workers and we are friends. I miss her when she goes away but she must. She works hard.

I said a few prayers this morning and soon I'll walk. Routine without a rush restores me. I will go into work today because the studio is a beautiful place. I have a spot there where I can work quietly and freely. I like to wander around and see the projects come to fruition. kits being made, Cheticamps packed to ship, orders being filled. I also like hearing about the lives of the people I work with. We share stories. We are small enough that I know everyone pretty good. I love that.

Today I won't really work. I'll just pretend that I am. I might go over a few things, I might hook a bit. But mostly I'll just let myself relax. On days like this I like to sort my wool, clean my files, redecorate something. It lets the muscles drop down, it lets my heart slow, and it lets the flurry of thoughts and ideas circling my head settle. I will write a few notes so I remember things. 

This is the day I need. 

A day to breathe.

Thankful for the good work that has been done and ready to begin again.



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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Merci pour ce moment de méditation et de relaxation … bonne journée et à bientôt !

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