Thursday Live, Episode 201: Tony and the Crow visit the rug hooking studio

Thursday Live, Episode 201: Tony and the Crow visit the rug hooking studio
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Joyce Holwerda
    Joyce Holwerda

    I need more discipline to do the demands of life than to work on my projects!
    That said, some people are creative about how they do almost anything!

  • Nancy Johnson
    Nancy Johnson

    Sitting out in garages — is this an east coast thing? I don’t know anyone who sits out in their garage — although that sounds very practical on a rainy day. Maybe being unfamiliar with ‘sitting out in garages ‘ is an Ontario thing and the rest of Canada does this — lol. Front porches seem to be a thing of the past along with sitting out on them. Folks here who have porches decorate them with inviting chairs and cushions and never use them. Instead they sit out at the back of their house. There’s a question of the day — how do people sit out where you live? Also, what do you use your garage for? Everything gets parked in mine except for the car — even in winter. Crazy . It’s also a graveyard for broken things of all sorts.

  • Diane Turner
    Diane Turner

    I always watch the Thursday live and enjoy sidebar comments as well as the hooking tips. This week was very special as I completed a mat I designed myself and have a small crow garden in my front garden. My husband Les and I have had many conversations with the crows since
    we watched a show with David Susuki
    That explained crows have visual recognition and have other abilities. From that point on we called to the crows and had a laugh too. Les passed away in October this year, I feel the crows keep us connected! Thanks for the memories. I think I will try a 3d crow for my collection!

  • Wanda Mccay
    Wanda Mccay

    While my values pretty much remain the same, my priorities will shift around some depending on the demands on my time at the moment. I do prioritize time for creativity, but we know that sometimes the demands of life have to take priority for awhile. But that being said, it’s helpful for me to write in my morning journal a specific idea or activity I have in mind for that day that will enhance my creative/artistic journey. As the day unfolds it doesn’t always happen, but with the idea consciously planted in my mind it’s much more apt to than if I hadn’t written it down.

  • Aileen Lubiniecki
    Aileen Lubiniecki

    My most effective method of being creative is when I silence my head and the world’s chatter. In silence , my juices flow . “Still the mind” is my mantra for an open mind and method of discipline.

  • Eileen

    Discipline ? I am hoping. the ten minutes a day challenge will help me create some discipline !! So far so good :-)
    Pretty dress Deanne! Thanks for the inspiration today…

  • Christine Tiessen
    Christine Tiessen

    I’m fortunate to have the means to hire a cleaning lady that comes every two weeks which has helped me to find a bit more free time for creativity. For the first few days after the house has been cleaned, I’m skipping through the house with a big grin on my face knowing I’m able to hook without paying heed to mundane responsibilities. 😉 We have a lot of cardinals in southwestern Ontario and yes, the male cardinal is red. It’s really special when you can see a pair together- perfect partners! I also recently darkened my hair a few tones but my only surprise is that my grey is more pronounced. Argh!

  • Kim Leite
    Kim Leite

    Your hair is pretty as is😀🌺Question of the day…..discipline. ?Lol. When I feel the need to hook, I go upstairs in my quiet space and hook away😄

  • Beverly

    And speaking of crows…

  • Lynda Hadlock
    Lynda Hadlock

    Good morning from New Hampshire!

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Kentucky!

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