There is enough

There is enough

There is enough for everyone.

Out there in this big world of plenty.

In our cupboards. On our tables. There is plenty.

I love that word. 

Plenty. Plentiful. 

Generosity is one of my favourite qualities. I see it.

How to share and bring gifts to the table. 

Believing that there is an abundance around us makes us act differently.

Sometimes when I go somewhere I look at the dessert and see how many we are and how big a piece everyone can expect. Yes that's me too. Worried. Will there be enough? 

I'd like to say it is because I grew up in a big family, but though I did, there was mostly only me, Mom and Dad in the house and lots of cake every Sunday. My sisters were grown. I was a late in life baby. Imagine still thinking of yourself that way at fifty seven. But we always remain someone's baby. Two white layers with jam between them and white icing. A big cake every Sunday. Yet I still wonder will there be enough?

Yet I always find there is enough. 

Even half a fresh blueberry pie and eight of us will be enough. We could each have a bite of a single piece and that would be fine. We will have enough because we shared. And that always tastes better than eating too much.

Honestly, I tire of talks about scarcity and abundance. Mostly I change the subject. Or close the book. Or switch the podcast. How many different ways can we say the same thing. Yet here I am thinking about it. Writing about it.

I am writing about it because once this week I found myself being miserable.

That is my mother's word for stingy. I was stingy in thought and word, and just caught myself before being stingy in deed.

Sometimes we find ourself for a moment with a stingy heart. Stingy thinking. And you feel it, what it is to be that way. And you don't like it. And you remember what it is to feel kind and the stingy bird in you flaps her wings and flys away and lets kindness be itself.

Let's kindness reign. For she's a lovely soul. That's what we all want to be. A lovely soul. But it isn't always easy. And it's not always perfect. And sometimes you find yourself cherishing the parts of you that you don't love quite as much as the others. Cause all of us have parts like that. I am glad you are there because I know I am not alone.

But we were built with souls and spirit to catch ourselves. To hold our tongues. To say sorry and mean it. And find our way again as we bear a flag of kindness and walk our own way. To be the best we can in spite of our frailty and humanity.

We just try. And it is the trying that matters.

Thank you so much.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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