The lost power of a great outfit

The lost power of a great outfit

I put on this outfit I bought. I loved it. I had worn it several times.

I was getting ready for work and was going to wear it again. It was all grey, a nice grey, one that had a silvering steel cast and looked good with the grey in my hair.

My daughter walked in the room. She didn't say much but turned her head in just such a way that told me she had something on her mind.

I said, "Whaddya think?"

She said " I was not going to say anything."

"You might as well now." She who can leaves things unsaid is blessed.

"Well It just reminds me of Austin Powers."

And then I looked in the mirror and there I was. Oh groovy baby, dressed up as Austin Powers. I saw it too. And suddenly my love for that two piece, looks like a jumpsuit, lost all its power to make me feel good.

I know anyone out there with out a daughter is thinking how could she say that. I also know anyone out there with a daughter understands perfectly. 

I saw Austin Powers too. I just needed white shiny boots.

I still smirk at my memory of my reflection in that mirror. 

I like to dress. Part of my routine in the morning is putting an outfit together. Even if I am staying home, or have no plans, I think about what I wear. I dress a bit like a lab tech or a pharmacist might because I need clothes that I can pull my smock over if I want to hook. No big puffy sleeves, these arms are meant for making.

I tell you this because, well, I don't know. It's a story that makes me laugh.

It is also a story about mothers and daughters and the impact we can have on each other with a sentence. But it is also a story about how we can see ourselves looking great one moment, then suddenly in the next see something completely different.

We look at ourselves, and yes sometimes each other with judgement. Quick judgement. Too heavy, too short, too wobbly, too thin, too scraggly. When really we are all just fine as we are most of the time. 

I think it is worth taking a little time each day to care for yourself in the way that feels good because we are worth the time. I am worth that time. The few minutes I spend with myself fixing my hair, picking an outfit (even a not so great one) and putting on a bit of makeup makes me feel ready. It makes me feel better. That is why I do it.

And I encourage anyone who can to find that thing that starts their day off right for them. To find the good thing that makes them feel better. To some, your thing might be trivial, or even a little shallow. But it is your thing.

So now I am thinking that I might try that grey suit on again. What the heck. Who cares. Maybe I'll feel "...groovy baby." Or maybe I'll feel like Austin Powers again and buckle over laughing. It doesn't matter. That little act of trying on outfits entertains me and sets me on my way out the door or down the stairs to make a cup of coffee.

In fact that grey outfit fits perfectly under my smock. I am definitely going to give it another go.

So that's it for today. Not much hard earned wisdom here. Just a bit a foolishness to share with you today.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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