the little things

the little things

If you are here,

you have a reason to be here. 

You belong.

You are meant to be.

The queen anne's lace is waiting for you

to peer into it.

The rocks are lying there for you to collect them.

To lay them on your desk

and remember that time you were somewhere.

There does not need to be much in store.

Your passport can lie in a drawer.

Lost to you in a way.

And still there is so much waiting to be seen.

So much air to restore your sense of self.

You can do a little and it can feel like a lot.

A drive down the coast or along the river.

Friends for dinner.

New cushions for the couch.

These things are so small

but if your expectations are simple 

than simple things are big enough

to make a day matter.

For every day matters.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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