the terrific beauty of it all

the terrific beauty of it all

The other day I finished a really big rug. Norma has it now at her house to bind. It is about five feet by six feet. Full of blue and cream. I romanced it for the last couple of months. When I was away from it I thought dreamily about it . When I was with it I gave it my full undivided attention. I nurtured my relationship with it. Staking out time for it. 

When I took it off the frame I felt like I had a sudden malaise. I became very tired. I had to go home. I sat in my chair. Yes, I have a chair.  I read and I fell asleep. I just could not keep my eyes open though I had slept well the night before. I needed to rest.

I had let go of something important and I felt an emptiness for it having been done. I was actually lonely. 

I do not feel this after all my rugs. In fact I had never identified this feeling for exactly what it was before. This was new. It was like I gave it everything I had. I felt exhausted and slightly sad to be finished. It was a bit of a romance after all.

A rug romance. 

Then this morning I got up put my make up on and was ready to move on. I was not over it but I was strong again and ready.

It might be awhile before I meet another rug like that. Or maybe I'll hit it off with another one right away. Who knows. I am not counting on it or waiting on it. I am just moving on. 

So today my frame is empty and that is okay. I want to feel what it is like to just be myself again. Just me. Alone. Without a rug to retreat too, or lean on.

I need some time to find my way again. I am just going to go on a few dates with smaller rugs that I really like for a while. I took out the shorter bars of my Cheticamp frame and I stood it in my office to sew a piece of linen on so that I could sit to work at it when ever the mood struck me. I wonder what I will meet there. It is adventure. 

Every once in a while you are just blown away by the terrific beauty of it all and you have to go sit down and take a few deep breaths. How lucky is that?

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