dancing on the tables

dancing on the tables

And we gathered around the small table to celebrate a birthday.

There was a chicken dinner.

The candles were lit. We had a homemade blueberry pie.

At first it was just a night, albeit a birthday night.

Then there was some talking. Some blunt honesty.


There was a lot of laughing. It was a family birthday.

There was not a lot of drinking but someone did dance on the table.

Someone said something saucy.

There was bent over can't get it out laughing.

It was just a quiet night but the thing was we laughed. And laughed.

And after a night like that you get up the next morning and you think that was so much fun. And you see that you need more of that. 

And the thing is you cannot plan fun. You just have to go around open to the possibility of it. You have to look for opportunities in the moment and seize them.

We need foolishness. We need abandon.

Sometimes we even need wild abandon.

The other day there was no one in the back of the studio and as I walking by I heard Saturday Night Fever's Shadow Dancing on the radio and I just stopped, turned it up and danced hard and foolish. I could see myself in the reflection of a glass covered picture at one point and that made me laugh at myself. I can't keep a beat but I love to move.

I was ready for someone to catch me but decided if they did I 'd invite them to dance. I didn't care if I got caught in the moment.

When you feel like dancing, you should dance. When you feel like singing you should sing.

Sometimes joy  is there for the taking and we don't even notice it. If I want more of it it's my job to notice the chances and take those chances.

Just thinking about all the fun we had at the birthday makes me want more of it. Somethings you cannot get too much of.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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