Sunday Letter September 20th 2020

Sunday Letter September 20th 2020
Good Morning,
Gosh I love writing to you on Sunday Mornings with a pot of coffee beside me. It's like company. Thanks for being there.
This morning after my walk I came home on pulled on my brand new cozy sweater. It is soft, light blue and I was saving it to wear somewhere special. In these times I am often home. Home more than ever. So home has to be special right? So I am home, cozy in a brand new sweater by myself. At first I pulled out the sweater that I wore every evening for the last few years, and I thought, "No, it's just not good enough for Sunday morning alone with your coffee," And I thought of that lonely blue one with the tags on it folded neatly under the cupboard and said "Why not? Do it."
In the old days I would have saved it for good. Not like my mother, who saved so much for "good" in the bottom drawer of her dresser and never wore some things. I just would have waited til I was going somewhere. Suddenly I have stopped doing that. Being home alone is as good a place to wear a new cozy sweater as any where.
I used to be like this with ideas for rugs too. I would save them up for later. But now if I get an idea I do it right away. It's next up.
I would save that special piece of wool for a special rug but I no longer do that. I use it up and wait for the next special thing to emerge.
Something is only really special if you appreciate it. If you take a new sweater, or a perfect piece of wool for granted than it no longer has that satisfying effect on you.
You got to love the good. You got to know the good when you have it.
Life goes by so fast. When I look back on time it just seems like it was some slippery whisper of a thing that flew by. That is why at this moment I am really thinking about how soft these sleeves feel on my arm as I tap, tap, away to you.
I can remember a time when all my sweaters came in a bag from my Aunt Mary in St. Johns. By the time I got the sweater all the softness was worn out of them.
But even without such memories you can know when a thing is good. You can know when life is rich, when love is kind, when hearts are open, and when sweaters are soft. You know it in the moment.
You know when you hear the sound of the birds in the morning that you are really there. Really present in the one little life that you are carrying inside yourself.
Don't save beauty for later. Savour it for now.
Be good to yourself and others too.
This moment, this very moment, yes, this one, the one you are in right now is your very own.
Thanks for sharing my little life with me,

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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