Some things I never knew...

Some things I never knew...
Things I never knew...
  • That I would love Anne of Green Gables. I only really discovered her with the new Netflix series. The world definitely needs more Annes.
  • That I would love answering the phones to the studio and talking directly to interesting and wonderful customers from across North America. I have learned so much about my business.Thank you.
  • That the people I work with would be so good to me and make so many compromises about their work life and their hours. They make my life so much easier.
  • That I'd be a sucker for a blank sketchbook and a $3 pencil. Blank books make me want to fill them. Thank you for pencils and paper and ideas to fill them.
  • That I would love teaching on facebook and hundreds of people would show up and thousands would watch. Thank you for being there.You make me wanna wear lipstick and get cleaned up a little.
  • That today there would be a big spread in the Halifax Herald written by Anita Flowers talking about the studio, rug hooking and creating beauty everyday. Five of us from the studio are shown holding up our rugs.
Then there are the things I always knew...
  • that the rug hooking community is warm and good.
  • that hooking rugs pulls us through difficult times.
  • that Nova Scotia is a beautiful place full of strong, resilient people. No wonder the world loves her.
Thanks for reading,

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Frances MAc Donald
    Frances MAc Donald

    Great read Deanne, we need a lot more Deanne s’ in our lives!!

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