Red Umbrella Day

Red Umbrella Day

I walk in the rain.

I noticed Lorna who works with me does too.  She carries an umbrella and walks 45 minutes to work even if it's raining. One time she hated the rain. Now she does not seem to mind it anymore.

I started carrying my umbrella to in the rain. It is a bright red one. I bought it on a trip to France in a small stone town on a rainy day. When I pop it open outside my door it makes me happy even though it is raining. 

There are moments of joy found in everything.

The red umbrella on a rainy beach in France is a picture that was on my phone for years. It maybe still archived in a cloud somewhere, but mostly, it is archived in my mind. I was there in the rain with a red umbrella on the beach. And now when it rains in Amherst, I am just as happy cause I have that red umbrella over my head.

Every day is not going to be perfect.

Every day is not going to be a vacation in a faraway place.

But everyday can be a red umbrella day. 

You can find the colour in every single day if you look for it.

Now Lorna looks happy on the rainy days. It's like she took over the weather and said you got nothing on me. I can out do you today. She walks regardless and inspires me to do the same.

Thanks for reading. I am so glad you do. 



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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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