First day to slip on a summer dress.

May. After the cruelest Month.

May itself cannot be trusted.

Long weekends can turn to winter.

Pack your parka just in case.

Keep your blossoms on the porch

to protect them from the morning frost

But there are fine days.

Days when winter longing cease.

Walk slowly and stop to watch spring unfurl itself.

A pussy willow becoming a leaf.  

Tulips rising. 

The red leaves of the peony offering the promise of June.

Get out your sandals.

Paint your toes a shocking colour.

Join the blooms

emerging in the garden

and be with May.

The month that brings forth Canadian summer.

Our only real taste of spring.

Go out at night in bare feet under the stars

and stand in the yard and count the summers

you have held in your being.

Remember sweet peas

and tomatoes

and beach swims. 



Soon to come.

May itself, though, is enough right now.

A warm day.

Soft fabric swishing against your legs as you walk.

Taking in the day.

The day being such a priceless thing.


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Lynn

    Good morning, Deanne.
    This letter is so lovely. Today I decided to break my morning ritual of devotion, yoga, then long walk with my dog, then breakfast, and instead hooked a little, then took a big cup of coffee and four cookies out to the patio. I sat in the corner out of the wind and just enjoyed the sun and the birds and my bare feet in the sun. Had to keep the cats from my coffee cup as today I put in some milk and brown sugar to make it ‘fancy’. I just came inside for a second cup, and decided to check your letter before I go back out. Your words are just right for me, for today. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.
    p.s. I never paint my nails at all, but next time I go to town, I may just buy an outrageous colour for my toes. Just because I can. Thanks for the idea!

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