Journal: the other rug

Journal: the other rug

Almost always I have a rug on at home and one at my studio. It is a long habit. I put this big rug on in early January. It is nine 16 by 16 inch squares. I think it is a reaction to all the 8 by 8 inch squares I made. I suddenly wanted room to more. It is amazing to me how much bigger these are. Far more than double in size. It is mostly ocean and the challenge is transitioning the colours so there is depth and that each square remains interesting in itself. I have learned a good bit with this one and I am only half way there. Today I mix in the greens. 

Short note today, I am off to buy clothes for next winters season for 30 Church. I love seeing the styles before they hit the shelves! 

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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