Journal; On the frame and comments on style.

Journal; On the frame and comments on style.

So it is on the frame after a few days of deliberation. Sometimes it takes a bit of time now for me to decide what to hook next . That is because I have hooked so many rugs. Now I am fussier about what I hook and that is a good thing. So it happened like I said it might. At ten o’clock at night I had this sudden urge to draw it on. It is a landscape with lines that are different than I ussually choose to draw. They are more circular , less linear , and sort of robust. I love them. 

The palette is also new for me. Mostly deeper teals, blues and greens than I am used to using. So the challenge here is big. New lines, new colours. I have to learn how to handle them. So this first rug might not be the best, or it could be gorgeous. I am not afraid to take the chance on wasting my time. You have to in order to grow in your work. So I hooked a lot yesterday and now I am puzzled how to create a horizon with such a new palette. I will just imagine myself walking into this landscape. Where am I? Where does the horizon fall? 

I will also look at the work of other artists work, painters mostly who handle this palette well and see what they do. I am always careful to make sure That I learn from them with out trying to copy them. It is really important for my own development to learn from other artists. But trying to recreate their work would set me back.

style involves a lot of things, colour, subject, design. There are many artists out there to learn from and influence you. If you take a little from many than you can create your own.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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