Journal: knowing it when you see it.

Journal: knowing it when you see it.

You have to really capture the moment in your mind. When you spot something beautiful it is important to take note. The other morning I walked out my door and the world was covered with a think layer of crisp frosty snow. The tree branches loooked like they had been dipped in sugar. I was tired of winter but who can deny the beauty of fairyland.

You have to be ready for beauty. You have to look out for it. You cannot take it for granted . It is everywhere , yet still it is sometimes hard to find. So much of it is about our own attitude and how we are feeling. 

At the end of winter I am not looking for beauty on a frosty morning. I am tired of it, but then it comes at you, so astoundingly that you are forced to reconcile with it. There it is, a sugar dipped world that you never knew was possible. My oh my. It makes you thankful for winter even at the beginning of April.

Beauty takes you by surprise . You must let it.


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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