Journal: feeling the day

Journal: feeling the day

So the rug did not turn out how I initially envisioned it but it did turn out how the day felt.

Somewhere along the way I decided that was more important. The cliffs were actually dark brown and there was a lot of mud in the bay but when I hooked that it dragged the rug down and it was not a dragged down kind of day. 

It was uplifting. It flowed and we all felt that goodness from being there. So I chose that truth as the one I wanted to show rather than the truth of colour. 

The thing I love about this rug is how the channel, or the river element looks as if it is running toward the bay. I also love how the foreground is layered with rock, daisies and roses.

The big thing is this rug is the sky. You can see two big chrysanthemums in it. This was a first for me but it will happen again very soon. I just love the mix of sky and flowers and feel that this was a bit of a breakthrough for me. Every so often they happen. Thank goodness. 

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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