Journal: Early morning in the rain.

Journal: Early morning in the rain.

This little rug I finished recently as part of a new course I had been working on. 

It looks like the rain to me this morning as I sit here and get ready for work. Normally I walk in the morning but the rain is just too heavy today. I may walk at the rink but that is just not the same. 

When I finished this rug, and the two sister pieces that go with it I was a bit dissapointed. Yet when I framed them and hung them together I felt much differently. Sometimes you have to give it time. The rugs have to sink into you a little bit. Sometimes st first they are like strangers. You have to get to know them. 

Yesterday someone came in and decided they wanted to buy them. Oddly I felt unsure . I wanted to live with them a bit longer. Ussually it is sure, out the door. I did agree to sell them but only after the photography was done for them. After only a week I had come to love these small pieces and felt that they had indeed taken me a bit further on my journey artistically. I learned from them and that is good. 

Don’t trust your first instinct when you take them off your frame. Give them time. Even if they are not the most beautiful rug you ever made, they could be the most useful. Sit with them for awhile . Don’t roll them up into a bin. Leave them where you can see them and get to know them.

Ask yourself, why this? Why that?

There is so much to learn not just in the making but in the completed piece.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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