Important Tips for Hooking Backgrounds in Hooked Rugs

Important Tips  for Hooking Backgrounds in Hooked Rugs


We had 1100 people show up ...maybe more! That was great. Thanks for showing up. We'll give $1 in honour of each of you who showed up today to the the local foodbank. So together you raised $1100. Thanks for showing up!

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Sandra Henderson
    Sandra Henderson

    I commented but don’t think it went through.

    Thought I’d share this video of Mary Pratt and her thoughts on the world in 2013!

    Thank you for allll you do Deanne!

  • SAndra HEnderson
    SAndra HEnderson

    What a fascinating lady Mary Pratt was! Listen to how in 2013 she talks about fhe world we live in…

    Thank you for sharing this book and your videos and inspiration. I know it takes time to make these but you really inspire so many- especially during this time… I love my cheticamp frame I purchased from you about 3-4 years ago. Sadly to say, I’ve been renovating an old house and yard and now gardens (vegetable and flower ) so I’ve not had much time for rug hooking. I miss it so!!! I do more in winter, but you feed my creativity and I learn and it’s there for when I have time again. I bought a 12×24 building for my studio, as I’m also a quilter and needlepointer and… you know how it goes. Ha ha the day will come when I dive in and don’t look back – anyway, thank you for all you do. Especially for allowing woolcake and these videos for free right now, as I live on a fixed income.

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