How Christmas changed me.

How Christmas changed me.

Snow was falling gently this morning so I walked in my yard. Through the forest I could see the white lights shining on my neighbours' trees. It is Christmas.

It is that time of year when everyone cares for everyone else. We are interested in the poor, the sick, the lonely, the abandoned. We know they need us. It is the time of year we are reminded of the importance of including and being included. The time of year when our humanity is of utmost importance.

I love that about December.

Everyone is concerned about everyone else. Not just in a nosy way but in a loving way. There is magic that overtakes us all. The magic we remember from childhood can illuminate us again. Make us less self concerned and more interested in the communal good. This is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes I think it should be this way year round. It should not be a Christmas thing to give to the food bank, or to look after each other. And that's true. We should be good to each other all year long, just better at Christmas. But goodness has to start somewhere. It has to begin. 

And if for some us it begins at Christmas then that is ok. Because the love that rises in us from giving is a powerful thing, and whenever it begins, as long as it begins, that will be enough for us to recognize that some struggle all year long. That cold nights are not just for December. That hunger is not just for turkey dinner. That loneliness is not just for Christmas.

The lights on the tree bring us to reflection. Their warmth, their shimmer and their glow remind us how lucky we are to be at home.

Most of us are a bit older when we learn about giving. I was in my forties, I think before I truly learned the importance of sharing with others. I am sad to say that, but I think it might be true. I also think that giving at Christmas helped me understand the value of sharing. Christmas changed me that way. It lead me to fully understand that it is important to think about the needs, loves and wants of others. 

Whenever we learn about giving, at whatever age, whatever season, whatever special occasion, that is a good time. It is a time that changes us.

I think for many the Christmas season is that time. We feel more at one with the isolated and the disenfranchised.

Our hearts are softer.

Love is more available.

Somehow whatever we have, there is more to give.

I have learned that even people who have lots appreciate receiving. They may not need a wrapped gift, but they still need so much, and there is still so much to give.

I feel very fortunate in that I have work that I love; in that I take great joy in what I do. I am grateful for ideas and imagination and I am grateful for you.

Thank you for all the ¢ you gave me this year. For the nice notes, the shares, the visits, the joy, and for letting me share what I love with you. 


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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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