Friday night dance parties to mop the floor

Friday night dance parties to mop the floor

Friday Evening Dance Parties.

Yup at 4 pm. We put on the music here and mop the floor.

Indoor Picnics on a Wednesday. Yup my friend Denise came with a baguette wrapped in linen. I brought leek soup and we lunched six feet apart at the studio.

A Thursday night FaceTime with a friend and a glass of wine. Yes why not.

Multiple trips to the library for bags of books. Yes, weekly. I bring them home and read a few. Makes me feel like I have my own private bookstore.

And I just want to say this. It's not because we are all so immensely positive. It is not because we are so cheerful we just can't stop.

No not at all. 

We need each other to boost each other.

I do these things because I need to stay as positive as I can even when things can be a bit difficult.

Even when winter is long, or perhaps spring is slow to come.

I love my good friend Donny Miller. Once someone was complaining to him about a friend and Donny said, "Oh, he's ok." and the complainer said, "Yeah but you love everybody." To which the quick and smart Donny replied, "Yes, but it isn't easy."

I love this story. I have told it many times. I tell it again and again because it bears telling. That of course is the power of a good story. It reminds us again and again of an important truth.

Some times I have to work at it. I have to work at going out in the damp cool for a walk. I have to stretch myself. I have to push. I think most of us do. It makes me feel better to know that others have to work at it too.

A good life takes effort. I need to remind myself of this especially during covid and restrictions. Especially on a rainy cold Saturday in Spring. That there is joy to be had. I might have to make it. We have to try hard to make fun. To be appreciative. To be kind, and to seek out kindness. We need joy and celebration in our lives. 



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