Episode 92 Thursday Live: Joe's Hollyhocks and the Tree of Life

Episode 92 Thursday Live: Joe's Hollyhocks and the Tree of Life
  • Angela Davis
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  • Bernice (Bea) Merriman
    Bernice (Bea) Merriman

    I have found myself allergic to ‘Burlap’ but there are several OTHER backings, correct? Please can you show them on your website? One is a kind of whitish color and can’t recall the name of it. Thanks from Bea in southern Oregon…USA.

  • Anne Thorburn
    Anne Thorburn

    For your inspiring artists question ~ YOU Deanne Fitzpatrick inspire me. Your Thursday sessions, Sunday letters ~ you feel like a true friend. Your humour, smile, laugh, appreciation of life & all it offers, daily activities, suggestions, guidance ~ I could go on & on. You & your Thursday team brighten my day & make me feel like I am having a visit with good friends. Thanking you for being you & for sharing you with us Deanne! 🌷🤗☕️

    Great work on your hollyhock hanging Joe! Thank you for sharing!

  • Denise Finn
    Denise Finn

    Sorry that is Jennifer Woodburn.

  • Denise Finn
    Denise Finn

    Jennifer Woodbury. Thornbury, ON

  • Carol Weingartner
    Carol Weingartner

    Because of the Art major at Indiana University there are many artists in Bloomington, Indiana.
    However, Martina Celerin is in a class by her self when it comes to fiber arts. I think you would be amaze to see her dimensional weaving at Martina Celerin. com
    She has a doctoral degree from University of Western Ontario. think you will see the love of plants in her work.
    Take a look. Carol.

  • David Kish
    David Kish

    Attn Joe: Your Hollyhock Rug is so beautiful. If you entered it in a show it would definitely be a winner! Congratulations to you and your daughter for being the recipient! It’s going to be the highlight of the room she places it in.

  • Becky Black
    Becky Black

    Joe, love the hollyhocks—they really pop and look 3 dimensional. An artist whose work I find fascinating from the DFW area is Rebecca Shewmaker. I have yet to see her stuff in person, but hope to some day.

  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
    Deanne Fitzpatrick

    Donna, You can mix the grey greens , yes!
    Thank you everyone for your inspirational artists!
    And Yes. Design School is great for first year Harbour people!

  • Jean McBrine
    Jean McBrine

    While there are many artists in New Brunswick who have inspired me, you, Deanne are at the top the list. Each week is a booster shot to my ideas and hopes for hooking. Thank you. Jean

  • Tim Spicer
    Tim Spicer

    Blake Mills and Roy Evans, rug hookers at The Roost in York Harbour, Newfoundland. Roy got me ‘hooked’ to the art last September.

  • Marnie Dunbar
    Marnie Dunbar

    William Matthews is a painter in Lillooet, B.C. who has inspired me.
    Millie McKenzie is an indigenous mosaic artist here who has also inspired me.
    Saul Terry is a local indigenous artist of long standing here. I am particularly drawn to his large painting on the fishing rocks at Bridge River fishing grounds.

  • Deb Gass
    Deb Gass

    Maria Kuttner and MaryLeslie oPelham St. Margaret’s Bay

  • Jill Dorsch
    Jill Dorsch

    Beautiful rug, love your colour choices- looks realistic to my eye!

  • Debra Krefsky
    Debra Krefsky

    Beautiful work Joe!!! Congratulations on completing your beautiful rug!!!

  • Teresa Heinze
    Teresa Heinze

    Beautiful rug Joe!!

  • Bonnie Moore
    Bonnie Moore

    Joe- your hollyhocks leap right off the rug! Very beautiful!

  • Pamela Maxfield-Ontko
    Pamela Maxfield-Ontko

    Ohio painter Eric Barth

    Lovely rug, Joe!!

  • Bonnie Moore
    Bonnie Moore

    Nova Scotian artists who inspire me: Erin Hollingshead (EHollingsheadArt), Brianne Williams, and Jennifer Houghtaling (Earth and Vine Studio)-Check them out!

  • Debbie Harris
    Debbie Harris

    Sharon Townsend

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith

    Teri Wing from Gananoque, Ontario.

  • Heather Godden
    Heather Godden


    Would you recommend Design School for first year members of The Harbour?

    (Or is The Harbour enough / all encompassing for now?)

    Thank you :)

  • Bonnie Moore
    Bonnie Moore

    Some trees are sacred in Celtic culture, particularly the oak, which this tree reminds me of.

  • Anonymous

    Love your shirt

  • Donna Lockman
    Donna Lockman

    I bought the small village kit
    And the colours in the mountains
    Looks like some grey. Or some colours seem lighter the in the picture . Do I blend in colours like
    Shading. Thank you I’m new

  • Paula

    I got a message that you went off line

  • Paula

    It doesn’t matter, you are on now

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith

    I could listen to the sound of your hook all day long. It is so comforting.

  • Debra Krefsky
    Debra Krefsky

    I love the way you hook and the color blue you are using. Will this rug ever be available as a kit? Thank you for all your inspiration, (I am currently taking that course). I am also interested in Color School so good to hear you speaking about it now. Thank you! Debbie

  • Ken bray
    Ken bray

    Hello for Franklin MA USA

  • Teri Canter
    Teri Canter

    Hi from North Carolina!

  • Ken bray
    Ken bray

    Hello for Franklin MA USA

  • Danielle

    Bravo !

  • Suzy


  • joe gauthier
    joe gauthier

    We will be up shortly… countdown is on !

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