Episode 190: Think About Your Rugs

Episode 190: Think About Your Rugs
  • Angela Jorgensen
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  • Patti Harrison
    Patti Harrison

    I love your videos, you and Angela and Lorna are so pleasant, and fun and real. I appreciate being able to access them, they help me have a better day. Thanks very much.

  • Patti Harrison
    Patti Harrison

    Making mistakes like that are to keep you humble……. ❤️

  • Denyse Hiscock
    Denyse Hiscock

    I’m definitely way harder on myself when I make a mistake, or if something goes wrong in the middle of doing something.
    I can definitely be a lot kinder to others when they make a mistake.

    The velvets are really nice! I put some in my current rug.

  • Shelley Richardson
    Shelley Richardson

    I want to THANK YOU DEANNE! I have faithfully watched each and every LIVE. I may not have a hook in my hand, it may be a cup of coffee or my knitting needles OR my hook, but I am always there. What you have done for me personally, over a very tough winter, is been a friend. I feel like each week we have a “date” for coffee or something and a little “catch up”. You make me smile and laugh out loud as I listen to your spontaneous conversations. You have made me feel included, and for that I am grateful. I am happy to say I am heading out to a Hook In tomorrow at a local fire hall. I am really looking forward to this. We have made plans to go to PEI towards the end of May and my hope is that we will have time to stop in and have that cup of tea in person. Thank you for always being there. Now get that pin on your outfit. You more than deserve this recognition that has been bestowed on you and you should show it off! Hugs and thanks again

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    It was a great Thursday’s Live. You all have so much fun together! Thanks for the laughs.

  • Mary in Arizona
    Mary in Arizona

    I am much harder on myself than others when it comes to making mistakes. Berating myself once at work for a stupid mistake, my girlfriend yelled over at me, “Hey! Stop picking on my friend!” I still repeat that phrase to myself when I get frustrated. In my early womanhood, I idolized Martha Stewart and her perfection in all things and hoped it was attainable for me. Thirty years on, I am finally okay that it is not. Thank you for another Thursday Live!

  • Lisa

    I think it is extremely important for me to walk away from my hooking projects when I’m conflicted. I come back to my project with new appreciation (or not) of my choices and ‘new eyes’ Thanks for the ‘Lives’ Deanne and everyone

  • Debb

    Deanne, I just love the fact that you are so much fun and don’t mind being seen as human,.

  • Marion Moore
    Marion Moore

    What do you mean by “shipped” re the Painterly Series?

  • Marion

    Good morning from Oshawa!

  • Danielle Marois
    Danielle Marois

    Bonjour de Venise en Québec 👋👋

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Good morning from Columbia, Kentucky

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