Episode 117, Thursday Live: Red for Santa

Episode 117, Thursday Live: Red for Santa
  • Angela Davis
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  • Tim


  • Julie Vannoy
    Julie Vannoy

    I too am making a Lemon Chicken Orzo soup tonight.
    Love the concept of A Place at the Table. Our community is hosting an intercultural, interfaith community meal this month called a Table for All. I will think of yours while I attend the one in my community.

  • deanne

    Thanks Everyone. I enjoy your comments so much.

  • Anne

    I absolutely LOVE my weekly visits with you all! Everyone is so happy & pleasant, I just feel so grateful & happy watching. The Santa is amazing & it’s enjoyable watching you hook & bring it all together. You teach us at the same time about mixing the colors, in this case the reds. A good lesson when perhaps I might have been using all the same wool.
    It was good to see you Mary ~ the basket was so beautiful & made me want to ask you to box it all, holder included, & send it my way!
    I agree, it’s so wonderful to share & always have a place at the table. I’ve always believed there always room for more when I prepare our table for meals.
    THANK YOU once again Deanne for being you & for sharing your you with us! Please don’t stop!
    (No reply necessary ~ I just wanted to Thank you once again & let you know how much I enjoy & look fwd to our weekly visits!)

  • Angela Grandy
    Angela Grandy

    My first time joining live. Loved it! After my first visit to your shop last week, I’m sitting here this morning going through my purchases and getting inspired to start a new project as I watch and listen. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Teresa Heinze
    Teresa Heinze

    chicken noodle soup

  • Anne Bird
    Anne Bird

    Thank you for sharing your
    Wednesday Morning….

  • Betsy BOLTIK
    Betsy BOLTIK

    Potato cheese

  • Shelley Clark
    Shelley Clark

    Wonderful idea! You are incredibly generous!
    I’m so pleased to be able to watch live today. Off to work soon!

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