Episode 113, Thursday Live: Saltscapes at the Studio

Episode 113, Thursday Live: Saltscapes at the Studio
  • Angela Davis
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  • Amber Schroter Dufour
    Amber Schroter Dufour

    Hi. I am learning, and would like to see what your hand underneath is doing when when the hook comes thru the linen

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    My absolutely most loved plants are my orchids.

  • Deb MacIntosh
    Deb MacIntosh

    Loved this session ! I deal with 2 cats who love to raid my stash.It is important they don’t chew it.Good luck,Jody.I love Saltscapes.

  • Juanita M Moore
    Juanita M Moore

    I enjoyed meeting Jodi! She’s got it!

    I like the tree very much.

    Storing yarn in a shower is terrific!

    After a surgery and chemo, getting back to my 5×5 foot Ezekiel 1 rug is great fun. I also got courage to not fear possible negative reactions. It’s a fiery cherub over Alaska wilderness 😁🌈⚡️

  • Roxanne Nelson
    Roxanne Nelson

    What a fun live session! I love the little oak tree kit. I like houseplants although I am down to a few-a money tree and a hibiscus that comes inside for the winter. And I just decided I need an orchid for my windowsill. I think Jody is a natural rug hooker.

  • Peggy

    A new hooker!
    Glad you got her a different frame…much easier.

  • Micheline Menard
    Micheline Menard

    I prefer cats to people as well, except wool lovers. Yes, rug hooking will grow on you!

  • Joni Black
    Joni Black

    Nice that you had Jody on from Saltscapes. I have been a subscriber for years, and just finished reading the last issue last night. Houseplants – love them. I always grew orchids but this past winter i started up with some house plants. it has been such a wonderful winter watching them grow and blossom. Ferns are still my nemesis! discovered the ZZ plant which is one of my favourites – so easy to care for. PS i think that tree should definitely be a beginner’s kit.

  • Mabel Neil
    Mabel Neil

    I was late. This lady would be an excellent friend.

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    I’m a south paw also!

  • Liz Longland
    Liz Longland

    Make a little table to be hands free… Thank you! That’s going to help me out

  • Lynn

    Hi from SE Alberta! Yay it’s Thursday :-)

  • Terry Turner Mitchell
    Terry Turner Mitchell

    Hello from Port Williams NS

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