Does your heart just know? Or are you sometimes uncertain?

Does your heart just know? Or are you sometimes uncertain?
Good Morning,
Sometimes a sentence will come into my head and I just have a sudden love for it. That is followed by and urge to hook it.
I have had a love affair with words since my twenties. I have words that I love for a time and I carry them around with me, using them too much for a while until they softly slip away.
Recently I wrote,” And the hatches are battened with the limited knowledge of the heart.” I drew a magnolia branch with buds and I wrote this sentence underneath it and hooked a big rug. I did not have it all worked out before I hooked it. That is what the making was for. It was a time to come to an understanding. That is after all what making is about.
I did not even fully understand what I was thinking. I did not have any wisdom I was bestowing. Far be it from me to think I have much offer other than some common sense, and how to hook a good rug. I feel confident about the latter part; the common sense sometimes evades me still.
Yet I loved the words. I was interested in the sentence. Battened hatches are comforting in a storm for sure. They are also a metaphor for being closed up. I don’t want to be that. Unless of course it is necessary. The good and the bad, I suppose are both possible with battened hatches.
Then there is the limited knowledge of the heart. This is clearer to me for I am never sure when someone announces “the heart knows.” Does it always? Does yours? Perhaps it does.
I follow my heart always with the same caution my mother would lend me before going out to a dance, “Be a good girl.” Enjoy yourself but don’t get blown over by fools and become one yourself. 
The heart, without the gut? without reason? I am just not sure I could go forward with just me and my heart. It only sees it’s side of things. There’s more to it that what the heart sees. I like to follow my heart but I bring my purse with me when I do. And in my purse are my gut and my reason. I mostly like them all together. Makes me feel safer.
Yet it was my heart that lead me to this sentence.
 It was my heart that lead me to this rug. 
There are times I guess when you can trust your heart , and making art is one of those times. Things don’t have to have meaning. What meaning they do have, you do not need to fully understand when you are making.
You can take risks without ever knowing the outcomes.
You can expound. You can ponder. You can follow your heart with a trail of wool and never get lost . When you make rugs you always come home.
So I go into my rugs knowing this.
Thank you for reading. I am just so glad you do.
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