Being home and hooking rugs.

Being home and hooking rugs.

This hooked  rug was created as a tribute to domesticity. Flowers on the table. An oriental carpet underneath the table. A wooden floor. Clay vases. All the things I love. They are the comforts of home. When I walk into my house at the end of the day and see the flowers, feel the rug under my feet. I am soothed.

In this time that we are all facing together, we are getting back to domesticity. We are in touch with our homes, our families. It is not easy, this time. Right now I feel so grateful for my quiet home. I am comfortable. There is food in the fridge. There is  a yard to go out in with space around us. Today I worked from home. I got plenty done. I was able to text my coworkers with questions and have answers right away. It was good to be here.

I will go in on Sunday and fill orders. We are all working alone when we go to the studio. We make sure there is just one person there at a time to help prevent the spread of Covid 19. We are all taking it very seriously. We are all healthy and want to stay that way. 

So we are learning that this is a time Of coming home to the idea of home and appreciating it. Our homes are our place in the world. They are the spot where we belong. We all have work to do in our home. We have projects. We have books. We have crafts.  There are things to do and now there is time to do them. 
I hope you are reading this as a break from hooking your rug, or baking a cake, or putting away the dishes. I hope you are home, safe and cozy, and that there are flowers on your table.

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  • Deanne Fitzpatrick
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  • Linda

    I am a hooker wanna be. I have stashed away some wool, yarns, a nice hook and a frame that should suffice to begin with. I have sewn for nearly 70 years of my 75 and love all things fiber. I also eco print, dye fabrics, knit etc which is probably why I haven’t quite gotten to rug hooking! I have a couple of your books Deanne and look forward every Sunday now to your newsletters. I even got your free rug hooking lessons last year, after watching you on U-tube. Maybe now in this unusual time I will actually get to try my hand at it. If I am not too busy sewing up face masks – which I have volunteered to do. I have a wonderful rural home environment and can stay put except for the every 7 – 10 day trip out for groceries. So far I have spent a lot of time connecting with loved ones, sewing, reading, journaling, getting outside and (a little) cleaning. I am thankful for the internet and our modern day abilities to stay connected. Keep up the good work and inspiration and I will try and join you soon on Woolcake.

  • Micheline Menard
    Micheline Menard

    Thank you for your email. Your message is part of my weekend! I live alone with two rescue kitties; age 15 yrs. ea. I do not have family except a brother in Oregon. We talk every other day and he’s okay. I just wish I could help the people who are isolated , need company and help with meals.It feels uncomfortable not being able to hold the door for someone. I do have some elderly neighbours close by in case they need some distance help.
    Your ‘Tribute to Domesticity’ is lovely. Are you planning to ‘kit it’? I would love to work on a mat like this. The detail, colour choices and texture are beautiful.
    Keep well to you and your family.
    Micheline Menard

  • Elizabeth Wall
    Elizabeth Wall

    Love this pattern as well as the colors.

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