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Tiny Landscapes are inspired by the summer countryside, the sea, 

the autumn hills and the rocky coast...

All the little glimpses of nature that you observe around you can be tiny landscapes.

It began for me about five summers ago when I wanted to hook small rugs because I was going to a small cottage for the weekends. I just wanted a project that I could pack and go. 

I wanted to work small. I wanted immediate gratification. 

The shape of a square appealed to me. It fit well into a frame. I could carry everything I needed with me in a small bag. The whole idea came about for practical reasons and then in started to bloom

The blooming was so beautiful. I was watching something so small become so big.

As I finished one I quickly started another. I could start and finish one in a sitting and see the results so quickly. And the results were phenomenal to me because they were art. I had started out thinking a nice little craft project to pass the time but what emerged were these glimpses of place that called out to one another.

One was not enough. Tiny landscapes belonged together. And together they became art.

That summer I made 49.

I hung them in a seven by seven square on my studio wall and they looked stunning. It amazed me how you could take something so small and turn it into one large art piece. Someone came in a bought the whole collection. So I just kept making more because they were so beautiful.

I made them in all seasons, with all kinds of wools, and with hundreds of different designs. No two are ever alike. 

I have made hundreds more since and with everyone of them I have learned.   

Now I want to teach you.

I want to watch your tiny rugs transform themselves into art for your walls. In this course you will learn all the thoughts, ideas and patterns I have created and collected. I won’t be holding back. If I learned it I will share it with you.  

You will watch me create tiny landscapes from start to finish, learn how to choose your wools, how to watch the landscape for new patterns. I will show you how to hook small for landscapes, and you will see and hear my process as I hook along with you. There will also be a Facebook community where you can share your experiences with other rug hookers and upload your final pieces.


This course includes :

14 lessons - One each day for two weeks.

Over 25 videos 

47 patterns

A Facebook Community for you to share your work.



This package is comprised of three separate texture packages with a variety of beautiful wool yarns and cloth. Enough to complete three 8" x 8" framed rugs. The frames are also included in this package, so when you finish you can hang them on your wall to enjoy. Please note the online course is not included with this package.



This package comes with enough beautiful wool yarns and cloth to complete one 8" x 8" rug. The frame is also included in this package, so when you finish you can hang it on your wall to enjoy. Please note the online course is not included with this package.


This course will only be offered once a year.