Let a little mystery into your life! The Mystery Art Project is a subscription that delivers you a brand new, exclusive pattern from Deanne Fitzpatrick every month for 12 months.

Registration begins in October. We will let you know first.

• Twelve beautiful, never-before-seen original designs

• A free monthly video featuring that month's design - hook  along with Deanne!

• A package delivered to your door every month containing  the pattern and all materials necessary to complete it

• Also available as a digital download

• And much, much, more!

Each month for 12 months, you will receive a package containing the wool and an 8" x 8" linen pattern for that month's piece. 

Each piece in itself will be beautiful but when you put them together you will have created a magnificent piece of art for you home. Each rug will take you between one and two hours to complete. My goal for this is for it to be my most beautiful set of 8 by 8 landscapes ever. It will represent various seasons and many landscape elements. I aim to make it exquisite.

A FREE video of Deanne hooking that months rug will be provided for each piece so you may hook along with Deanne. At the end of 12 months, you will have a work of art that you will love and treasure. 

This is a recurring charge and you will pay $49.95 monthly.

There is also a digital download option available for $29.95 monthly.

Please note: Hook and frame are not included in the package. Please call or order these items online if needed.

What are participants saying about The Mystery Art Project...

Just finished January’s Lavender Field mystery project and it was so much fun! Being a beginner and doubting myself more than less, it’s great to watch a tutorial with a teacher that has a wonderful sense of humor and is passionate about her craft. Looking forward to February’s mystery. ~ Sue

Deanne, I loved when you said we need to listen to the sound that happens in our heart and trust those instincts. This is so true I feel. Our intuition is our friend, sometimes pricking us with a warning and in this case with re-assurance that we are indeed on the right track and things will work themselves out! I feel thrilled to ride the waves on this MAP journey with you, Deanne and with all my fellow travellers. ~ Judi

It’s very helpful to hear your artistic decision making at work as you create. Thank you. Your art and how you work with the materials to create textures, light and highlight your images is inspiring , as it is to see a master at work. ~ Sara

Thank you for such a beautiful rug to hook. I can smell the lavender now! I’ve hooked several rugs but I’ve already learned a few very useful tips already Deanne, thank you! I think I’ve been hooking way too tightly and too uniform. This free flow is much more fun. ~ Jocelyn

After watching I’m really excited to receive my Mystery project in the mail! Thank you for sharing your time and talents. I am a beginner and have loved finding your blog, videos, and store. ~ Becki